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Wow! What a jam-packed month we had!

We are rocking and rolling at the winery these days. Up to this point we have picked 66% of our total harvest this year. This is a huge swing from last year where at this point we were only 20% in. The change is due to the fact that we switched the Drink Washington State line to warmer vineyard sites than last year.  We have even already pressed off 2 red lots: Pinot Noir and Grenache. These are both similar wines stylistically, and I look forward to sharing them with you all in a couple years. 

No harvest is the same and no problems are the same. Well, long days and nights are the same! I always try to learn and explore new ideas during harvest. I’m always looking at everything and thinking, “OK. This works but what if….”.  This keeps me sharp and on my toes 24/7. That being said, we have a couple new wines coming to you in the next couple years. (Woo-hoo!)

I continue to monitor and send good vibes to Napa. It’s just horrible to hear and you don’t wish that for anyone’s business. I visited Howell Mountain back in 2016 with a couple friends, one being our assistant winemaker Hannah. Haber is one of the places we visited and I heard they evacuated and they are thinking they lost it all:  house, vineyard and winery. Wow! What a nightmare.

On to a happier note, we are now offering free shipping and a free Drink Washington State mask for every order over $50. Just visit and click shop. Join our Good Vibes wine club to get additional discounts.

If you are in our wine club you should have now received delivery orders. Some states are still not shipping due to heat, but we will automatically send those out when safe.

We are now open to the public:  Thurs-Sun 11-5pm. We are still open Mon-Weds but it is now by appointment only. You can make one either on our webpage or calling us directly at 509-240-6258. We also continue to offer beer and cider by the bottle. Due to the fact that we have limited seating making a reservation is strongly requested. We have been turning away a lot of groups lately. 

We continue to get some great scores:  multiple 90+ scores! Check it out

My Carmenere documentary “Through the grapevine” Link here.  We just sold out of our Drink Washington State Carmenere.


Sept-Nov: Harvest/Crush 2020

*Bold locations in Walla Walla
As always, thanks for reading.
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