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We get a lot of questions about who designs our wine labels, so we thought it was time to let you all in on our little secret.


Introducing Mr. J Galenti, of IN:DEEP Arts, LLC.!

J and our winemaker Brad go all the way back to their first days of grade school together in upstate New York. Through the years they’ve kept in close touch and when it came to launch Eternal Wines and Drink Washington State, Brad could think of none other to help create the company’s visual branding than his old friend J.

With a theme of vintage postcards, the Drink Washington State series of wine label designs feature unique regions of Washington with a Modern, yet Retro flair in the artwork. On the back side of each bottle, you’ll find a personalized message from a ‘close friend’, signed, sealed and ready for the hand-delivered post. With each bottle we hope to bring you a little personal touch of our Washington home and the designs by J Galenti help to deliver that effect perfectly.

When it came to designing the look of Eternal Wines, class was at the forefront of the plans. Each bottle features a classic, minimalist design that helps to let the wine speak for itself with a touch of personal style as the backdrop. The Rocketman Red’s bold, 50’s-style movie poster boasts of the wine’s bold yet refined flavor profile, while the translucent designs of the ‘Eternal’ series, with Beauty, Bliss, and Sunshine bring the wine within the bottle forth to support the label design itself.

Whether designing labels for our wine, building websites for small businesses, or producing music and films…J Galenti is an incredibly talented multimedia artist and we’re thrilled to have him as a part of the Eternal Wines and Drink Washington State team!