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Well that was an interesting month!


Harvest is in full swing, fall release for our wine club is just 15 days away, and my surgery is tomorrow.  Yes, it’s been a long, rough and tough month and I’ve done most of it with a shattered finger.  I’m currently typing with 9 fingers and the sad part is I’m getting used to it.


While bottling our wine club only Eternal Restraint (AKA 1 finger death punch), the corker crushed my finger and I had to go to the ER.  The doctors said that it was an injury that is not only horrific but never seen before.  The final diagnosis is that they need to fuse my joints together, but I will not lose part of my left index finger.  I think I’m still in shock over this unbelievable injury but haven’t had time to process any of it as I’m so slammed with harvest, bottling and release.  I really haven’t even had 5 minutes to think about it, but I guess my guitar career may be over.


In my life I’ve always been able to count on family for support and help when needed.  I am so happy to say that my father and grandfather will be coming out to help with harvest while I am in recovery.  It’s much like my brother coming out in 2016 for harvest because of my back.  I’m undeniably blessed to have such great support.  Little known fact is that my mother proofreads each newsletter that goes out for us, and my cousin lives in Walla Walla and has helped with each harvest since 2016.  Not only that but my stepmother flew in to help with the grand opening of our downtown tasting room in 2016.  This really is a family run winery and I can’t wait to have 3 generations of Binko’s in Walla Walla!


Let’s talk fall release.  Our new releases are as follows:  From Drink Washington State:  2016 Visit Wahluke Slope Carmenere and 2016 Columbia Valley Chardonnay.   This Carmenere is very similar to the 2015 vintage and I just love smelling it!  Our Chardonnay is as usual a blend of stainless steel and oak aging.


We have an amazing line up on the Eternal side featuring 3 different styles of Syrah including our 2017 Eternal Bliss Fortified Syrah.  Also this marks our first release of a Syrah from the rocks.  Our 2016 Eternal Foundation (AKA 5 filter death punch) is from Winesap Vineyard in Milton Freewater and tastes ‘yummy’ (Somm term)!  This wine was never racked and defiantly clogged up some filters on the way to the bottle.  The 2ndrelease of Eternal Restraint Syrah will be available to wine club members only.  I also kinda lied about having 3 Syrahs.  It’s more like 3 1/2.  This release also marks our first reserve wine.  Every year I pick my favorite 2 barrels, blend them and age for 3 years in barrel.  The 2015 Eternal Passion is 50% Syrah from Cockburn Ranch (Walla Walla) and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon from Monte Scarlatto Vineyard (Red Mountain).  Upon tasting it, Victor De La Luz said “Wow!”  Last, but certainly not least, (Don’t feel bad for her, she is used to waiting), we have our 2016 Eternal Patience Roussanne.  Aged 2 years in French oak, full MLF, this white wine is a mouthful!  We are so excited to share these new releases with you!


Fall release will not only offer great new wines but a little comedy as well.  We have a comedy night November 3rd from 7-8:30pm at the INK which is free for wine club members.  For others, there is a $10 admission charge or, if you prefer, a $15 cover charge which includes a glass of wine.  One of the 2 comedians will be local Greg Kettner.  Get your tickets at either tasting room or online here.


Our downtown tasting room is now open 5 days a week:  Wed. & Sun. 12-6 pm and Thurs.-Sat. 12-8 pm.

Our airport location is open Friday-Sunday 11-5 pm.

*We are open later for special events.

Free live music is from 5:30-7:30 pm.  Locals taste our Drink Washington State wines for free. 


September-November Harvest

11/3 – 11/5/18:  Fall Release in Walla Walla.


11/10/18: Tri-cities Awards tasting.


11/21/18: Brad pours at The Barrel Thief in Seattle.

12/7 – 12/9/17:  Holiday Barrel in Walla Walla.


12/10/18: NW Wine Radio welcomes Brad Binko.


2/11/19: Walla Walla Wine in Portland, OR.


2/25/19: Walla Walla Wine in Seattle, WA.


4/14 – 4/15/18:  Reveal Walla Walla.

*Bold locations in Walla Walla

As always, thanks for reading.

-Drink Wine Be Happy
Brad Binko