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2016 Spring Release Newsletter

Wow!  It’s been awhile since we talked last!  We have been very busy since then.  So what’s changed since we spoke last?  The first noticeable thing at the winery is that all of our fermentation bins have been emptied and cleaned.  This also means that our press has seen its last press load for the year.

All of our wines have also finished secondary fermentation.  Our barrels are now resting comfortably in 55 degrees and perfect humidity.  The wines are now starting to integrate with the barrels and the oak influences are being able to be seen.  Oak in some wines adds structure and a fuller mid palate, in others it can add tannins and allow the wine to mature from the young fruit to a finished product.

As we prepare for spring release we want to fill you in on our ‘Sommelier Showcase’ label, “Drink Washington State”.  For all intensive purposes think of this as our sister label.  Same owner/winemaker, but different purposes.  Our goal is to showcase all the styles and wines of Washington State without having to take out a second mortgage or wait years to drink.  That being said, our spring release will consist of 3 white wines from Drink Washington State, and 1 rosé from Eternal Wines.  These wines are perfect for the warm weather that is coming our way!

Our first stop on the Drink Washington label is the Yakima Valley that brings us our semi sweet sparkling Riesling.  Notes of white flowers, pear, and candied lemons sit in harmony with nice acidity and rounded sweetness. This is a great versatile wine as bubbles can be served before or after your meal, as well as drank by itself in celebratory cheers!

Our second and third stops are both from the Columbia Valley.  We are extremely happy with both of these wines and the flavors that are coming out.  First off is our 2014 Chardonnay.  This wine is loaded with green apple, melon, and mouth-watering acidity, while being completely aged in stainless steel retaining its malic acid.  This is as far away from an oaky buttery Chardonnay as you can get!  Next up is our 2015 Northern White Blend, consisting of Roussane, Marrsanne and Viongier.  This is a bigger, broader wine on the palate that can stand up to heavier dishes.  Both these wines are begging to be paired with food.

Finally our only selection from Eternal Wines is our 2015 Rosé.  This wine is made from exclusively Rhone varietals.  This wine is crisp and clean, producing notes of red cherry, strawberries, and fresh cut flowers.  The only problem with this wine is that you won’t want to share it!

We; however, look forward to sharing these wines with you.  Our Good Vibes wine club sign up is now available through our webpage or by clicking on this link.  Our wine club is the only way to receive discounts on our wines and be invited to our exclusive events.  There is no fee to sign up either, so what are you waiting for? Individual bottles can be purchased over the phone or on our webpage after April 1st 2016.
As always thank you for reading!

Drink Wine, Be Happy,

-Brad Binko