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Happy Holidays!

Well, we have seen our first snowfall of the year and it definitely slowed things down for us in Walla Walla for a couple of days. The nice part about the cold though is that it allows us to save energy in the winery. Normally we would have to cold stabilize our wines in tanks and turn the temperature way down for a month or so. “What’s cold stabilization?” you ask? Have you ever had a bottle of wine in your fridge and for whatever reason it doesn’t get opened for awhile, and when you finally pull it out you see a bunch of crystals in your wine? These crystals form because the wine wasn’t properly cold stabilized.   The wine is still safe to drink, it just looks a little off. So with it being so cold we are able to cold stabilize outside and when the crystals do form we can rack the wine off of them so you don’t see those crystals in your bottle.

We have been receiving some very high praise lately and couldn’t be more thankful for everyone’s support. I was interviewed by Laura Lawson of Wine Crush radio last month and you can find the interview here. We talked about the state of Washington wines and harvest 2016. In case you missed Andy Perdue’s article in the Seattle Times, here it is titled: Washington wine’s next generation: Brad Binko is having fun making great wine

We would like to thank everyone that came to our holiday barrel tasting weekend 12/1-12/4. If you purchased futures on our 2015 Eternal Wines Syrah from Jon Cockburn Ranch it will be available Spring Release weekend.
Our tasting room at 9 S 1st Ave in downtown Walla Walla is now open Thursday and Sunday 12-6pm and Friday-Saturday 12-7pm for our winter hours.

As always thanks for reading.


-Drink Wine Be Happy

Brad Binko