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Well, as we venture into May, 2020 we are still restricted and all dealing with shelter in place across the U.S.  We have been extremely fortunate in Walla Walla, as we are normally geographically isolated, and we have had very few actual cases in town.  That being said, we are all taking it very seriously but hope to get back to somewhat normal times soon.

We were supposed to have our busiest weekend of the year, and release our new wines, May 1-3rd.   However, we are still releasing the new wines, and they are all up on our website:  Just click “shop” up in the right-hand corner and then see what will make you happy.  This includes our 2019 Eternal Beauty Rose, 2019 Eternal Perspective Grenache Blanc and Eternal Insight Skin Contact Marsanne to name a few. We are offering a Spring Time = Spring Wine, special 3 pack for just 59.95 (after discount) with free shipping.

Our virtual tasting package with the winemaker has been taking off, and I am really enjoying seeing your faces again!  This is a 3 pack of wine:  1- 2018 Eternal Sunshine Viognier, 1- 2016 Eternal Rocket Man Red and 1 Eternal Zen Syrah.  Don’t isolate without this wine special which is only $99 and includes FREE shipping!  Then once you receive the wines we will schedule a virtual tasting.

We will continue to offer 19% off and free shipping until we can safely and legally be open again.  Our Thursday night concerts and food trucks are still postponed.  We do not have any information at this time when, and if, we will be able to start this in 2020.  Grrr…..I was really looking forward to this and I know Walla Walla was too.

Our Good Vibes club member’s orders have all gone out and it feels good to get that completed.  We have been moving towards personally shipping everything in house, and this release allowed us to send out 95% of the wines ourselves, rather than using our fulfillment house.  It allows me more control on the message and timing of the wines.

We continue to move up bottlings, and hopefully we will be able to get some relief funds so we can continue to pay our employees and give them some work.   I find myself in the winery more now than before.  I suppose it allows me to escape back into the normalcy of the winery and my wines.  The wines told me they are enjoying a little more face time from me.  And you know, as a winemaker, we have to keep the wines happy!

My Carmenere documentary “Through the grapevine” Link here.

Our winery is currently closed for tastings due to COVID-19 regulations. We are offering free shipping and 19% off all orders over $30 from our webpage.


6/23/20:  Picasso turns 13!  Party at the winery!

7/20/20:  Chloe’s 4th B-day 

7/25/20:  Bellingham Wine Competition

7/27/20:  Somm Seattle Event featuring Rocks district wines

8/7/20:  Boat cruise

*Bold locations in Walla Walla

As always, thanks for reading.

-Drink Wine Be Happy
Brad Binko