Vineyard Name Gamache Vineyard
Address White Bluffs area near Basin City in Franklin County, WA (about 30 miles north of Pasco)
AVA Columbia Valley
Soil Warden Sandy Loam, Kennewick Sandy Loam and Caliche
GDD 3000 avg
Rows Row 24-26 Block 8 Merlot

Rows 26-28 Block 1 Syrah

Est. year 1996
Clones Unknown
Elevation 1000 ft
Slope Gentle Southern Slope
Aspect South
Vineyard Size 185 acres
row orientation Touch off N to S
Spacing 10×6
Varietals/quantity bought Merlot, Syrah, Roussane
Trellis system VSP

Gamache Vineyard

Gamache Vineyard perfectly training trellis system. The source of our 2015 Merlot.

Gamache Vineyard Merlot

Almost fully ripe Merlot clusters at Gamache Vineyard.

Roussane Clusters

Roussane Clusters from Gamache Vineyard