Bogin Family

Eternal Wines will receive all the fruit from Bogin Family Vineyard in 2015.  Planted by Stan and
Elizabeth Bourcier in 2004.
General vineyard characteristics:
-First three rows inside the gate are Syrah; next three are Cab Sauv, next two are Merlot, last two are Cab Franc
-Ripeness lags two+ weeks behind Seven Hills and more southern vineyards; Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc will consistently ripen toward the end of the entire valley’s harvest season, which means wonderful hang time but always that flirtation with potential frost.
-Sun exposure, air movement, air drainage are all very high. Weather dependent, stripping canopy on the west side has been helpful in bringing the fruit to full ripeness in moderate to colder years, especially for the cab sauv and cab franc.
-Annual rainfall has been too varied to predict consistently across the last several years; 14 inches is the ten year average
-Acids are exceptional and tend to hold up even to later harvest dates at higher brix.


Vineyard Name Bogin Family Estates
Address Off of Lower Waitsburg Dr in Walla Walla
AVA Walla Walla
Soil Walla Walla Silt loess
GDD 2800
Rows All
Est. year 2004
Clones Big Nursery in Benton City
Elevation 1250
Slope South
Aspect S SW
Vineyard Size 1/2 acre
Certifications Sustainable
row orientation  S SW
Spacing 8′
Varietals grown Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Varietals Buying/ Quantity All 1 ton in total

Walla Walla Vines

Established VSP trained vines at Bogin Family Vineyard

Trellis system VSP
Honeybees in vineyard

We’re not the only ones who like our vines! Honeybees co-habituating in the organic vineyard