Our Wines

SPring Release

Pictured above was the first release for both labels in Spring 2016

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2 labels, 2 passions, 2 philosophies, 2 end points, 1 winemaker.

“With Eternal I wanted to create age worthy wines that show a place and time.  Wines you can point to on a map and say this wine is from right here.  Flavors come from the soils and climate changes annually account for the differences in the vintages. I don’t make these wines the same way each year nor am I striving for a consistent product with this label.  I want to share with you the variations in years and be true to the grapes.

My larger label Drink Washington State is a more consistent product because I focus on blends.  Blends are great because if a wine is lacking something but has something else (Color, tannins, acid) in spades you can find a wine that balances it out.  Blends are one of the most popular wine categories today in the US. Let me take you on a tour through Washington State!” – Brad Binko